Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Not All Crazy

Good morning!

Welcome to The Friendly Libertarian!  I, your intrepid host, will guide you to a better understanding of the libertarian point-of-view.  Over the years, many people have levied numerous critiques of libertarianism at me.  Some of them were untrue.  Some of them were the product of others masquerading as libertarians.  This blog is intended to address some of those misconceptions and generate a stronger understanding about the whys behind our beliefs.

Part of the problem is simple ignorance of what libertarianism is.  Rather than a cold definition, I will provide a list of things that libertarians are not:

1) Communists
2) Socialists
3) Fascists
4) Racists
5) Republicans
6) Democrats
7) The Green Party
8) Anarchists
9) Irresponsible
10) Unreasonable

I have been a libertarian for seven years, and have heard all of these personally.  None of them are true.  The truth is that a libertarian simply believes that laws should allow people to act as they wish so long as they do not harm others.  That's it.  That's all we want.  Our entire platform flows from that belief.

The content of this blog is intended to be both a critique and commentary on the decidedly-unlibertarian leanings of most United States politics.  However, too often my libertarian brethren come off like we need medication and years of cognitive therapy.  So, I am going to make an honest effort to color between the lines and stay on the reservation, if I may horrifically combine two metaphors.  Feel free to keep me honest in the comments section.

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